Digital concept for IKEA Copenhagen

Case: How and what should IKEA Copenhagen attract and retain the consumers of tomorrow ie. What should the interaction with IKEA offer a selected segments that it does not offer today ?

Concept: An in-house workplace called: IKREA. Here customers will be able to come and put their own touch on their IKEA furniture, try out DIY hacks or repair and upcycle old furniture. The workplace will also host workshops and events. 
It will be a space where you can express your creativity and at the same time be part of the circular mindset. IKREA should contribute to forming relationships across the board. From IKEA Copenhagen as a new meeting place in the city, to the furniture you take home and the people you create it with. 
To have a circular resource consumption, all resources used in the workshop must be obtained through collaborations. For example, it could be surplus paint from Flügger Farver Istedgade, leftover materials from Sydhavn's Recycling Center and leftover fabric from Stof 2000 on Vesterbrogade.

In this project I worked with:
Double Diamond, Research, Interviews, Personas, User Journeys, VPC and prototyping in Figma

School project at Digital Concept Development, KEA (April 2023) 
Rating from client: 4/5

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